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**Spoilers for Firebending Masters**

Ok, so this is going to look familiar to anyone who’s read my recent journal entry about Firebending Masters…But I actually decided to extend this so I can get this idea out to more people, beyond those who read my Journal.

Why? Well, I know it’s just a theory, but I feel that there’s more hate being directed at Zutarians these days, and our ideas of Zutarian symbolism seems to be a hot topic that bashers of our ship and shippers bring up.

I am mainly directing this at my fellow Zutarians as a proposal of ideas and theory, but I’d also be satisfied if others read it and it gave a little more consideration to our ship and our views… I’m not doing this to change the people who are against the ship, I’m just offering the idea, like I said.

But it’d be great if there could be a better understanding between the ships…Because honestly. We’re 8 episodes away from the end of the series, and we are STILL hashing it out about Kataang vs. Zutara…vs. Maiko. And it’s not getting any friendlier.

So, I’m doing this, not to start a shipping skirmish, say that this is fact of the show, or to attack the other side of shippers. It is to express an idea, defend my own ship and the people who ship it, and hopefully shed a little bit of light on the Zutarian view to those who choose to listen.


The Stigma Associated with Zutara

Now, about a week and a half ago, I got involved in a debate with a Kataanger. And this was the general attitude that I got from every person who argued against me, and it was also the main reason I began it in the first place.

The generalizations and stereotypes that are paired with not only Zutara, the ship, but with Zutarians, the fans who ship it, were getting out of hand in this essay that she wrote, that was in question. It expressed some rather hateful Zutarian labels, and attacked what we as shippers of Zutara supposedly see as “evidence” or supposed basis for our ship. Things like Symbolism, the similarities between the two characters, the little details in the show that connect them that we find interesting. It was a shipping essay, to be fair, however the hate was still evident in every aspect of Zutarian ‘evidence’.

I agreed with her in the fact that things like “I’ll save you from the pirates,” or Zuko picking up Katara’s necklace are not things to BASE a ship on. Nor do they depict that Zuko and Katara are in love with each other, especially at that early stage of the show.

However, the fact is, this same thing has been expressed by anti-Zutarians, and not just them, in this hateful manner for as long as I can remember as being a Zutarian, and I’m willing to bet, long before that.

It is as if all the symbolism and similarities in this show that may possibly point to Zutara are void, and that we, as shippers of this supposedly heinous pairing, are idiots for believing in it. I began this debate, and I am writing this little essay-rant because I am sick of that unnecessary hate that they so readily throw at us. A Kid’s TV show should not generate this kind of intolerance.

Zutarian “Proof” and What Firebending Masters has to Add

Now, moving on to the symbolism in the show. We Zutarians have been seeing things and reading between the lines from the first season and noticing these little examples of symbolism that can be linked to Zutara, along with similarities in Zuko and Katara. There is the Yin-yang thing, the similarities in their personalities, there is even a lot of focus and dynamic in the scenes where they fight each other, and that Zuko learned water-bending techniques, not only from his uncle, but from his own observation.

These two characters are connected by a lot, and even Episode 313 had a few things to offer. That’s right, even though it had more to offer to the Zaang ship, again, there is a bit that you have to look in between the lines for to see some Zutara. No problem, as we’ve been living off of that for two and a half seasons and we’re still going strong.

So, what exactly did I see?

The dragons were blue and red…Now, I know, this doesn’t necessarily connect to Zutara until I make some more connections later on in this spiel. The dragons from Zuko’s dream in “The Earth King” were blue and read and they symbolized Azula and Iroh’s conflicting influence over him. But, moving on from that MINOR observation…

Ran and Cha(the dragons), when they came out, began to circle Aang and Zuko. But they were perfectly set off in doing so, and they exhibited the same motion as yin and yang, like Tui and La from the North Pole.

And come to think of it, I’m thinking, given what we now know about the true essence of Fire as an element, that Ran and Cha really ARE the example of yin and yang in fire. The red dragon represents the destruction of fire(red=destruction) whereas the blue represents life and creation(blue=calm, gentle color)…which could be applied to when they were facing each Aang and Zuko. Aang was of course facing the destruction of fire and his fear of it, while Zuko was facing his problem of needing a new drive that isn’t rage.

That’s a newer connection that I just brought up, I only just thought of it, but I think that Ran and Cha were a second example of yin-yang, and harmony within an element.

Now, the biggest and most solid thing about this episode and its developments is the similarity between Water and Fire when it comes to the life aspect of it. Remember that Water is the element of life and healing. And now it has been stressed that fire is energy and life. Fire creates, water creates.

Now, reapply it to the yin-yang relationship. Opposites, but complimentary. Different, yet in some way similar.: Water, as Jeong-Jeong said, is the element of life. Yet it has been shown that it can also be destructive. Fire is destructive, also as Jeong-Jeong said, but unlike he said, it holds the essence of life, it can create.

Add that on to what we’ve already seen of their interesting commonalities in personality, particularly the switching of roles in The Western Air Temple, and you get more support to the yin-yang aspect of this relationship.

How it Connects to Zutara

Ok, so the interesting part of this whole process I found, was finding out how exactly it connects. Sure, there are examples of yin-yang in the show, the little things between fire and water, but what makes it Zutara? Those are their elements, true, but what makes it connect to them as people? The whole ordeal with this debate I was in, forced me to look at things critically, and I was essentially asking myself this question:

What makes it Zutara?

This is probably along the lines of what my opponent would have argued. And I only thought about it for a few minutes before realizing that…

None of the other elements were included in this comparison of the elements attributing to life. It is true that all four of the elements contribute their own essence to the life force…

But if this is so, then why have only Fire and Water been stressed and explained as thoroughly as they have? Why did Air and Earth not have their own little bits in this aspect? And when air is even the element of the Avatar and there is only little more than half of the final season left to go?

Furthermore, fire and water seem to be the more dominant elements when it comes to other symbolism and relationships and similarities in the show.

Tui and La were the first examples of Yin and Yang in the show, and they were of water.
Ran and Cha were the second example of Yin and Yang in the show, and they were of fire.

Ran and Cha were red and blue, the color of fire and water.

Even Iroh teaching Zuko some waterbending movements, along with Zuko himself observing and adapting some moves he’d seen Katara doing can be included.

And even the colors in the tale of Oma and Shu in The Cave of Two Lovers, together with the story of their love, could be symbolic and even foreshadowing of Zutara.

So, if this is so, why is it that, up until now, less than half a season away from the end of the show, the only elements that have been stressed in this theme of the elements contributing towards life, especially in such blatant and explanatory terms, have been fire and water? Among these other areas of symbolism?

It seems to be focused on the similarities and connections between these two elements. Especially in the large one that signifies the essence of life itself.

It’s the DOMINANCE of these similarities between fire and water that makes it stand out. Sure, one water/fire reference here and there is not something huge. But the amount that they do keep popping up, seems like it could possibly be pointing to something bigger, especially now when there’s such a large and crucial piece to it, the attribute of life itself, whereas Earth and Air have no reference.

The relationship between these two elements is looking a lot more interesting now, and the amount of symbolisms, similarities, begs the question and consideration of Zuko and Katara themselves, even when their personalities have already proven to be complimentary in the essence of Yin and Yang.

It's not the fact that Tui and La were in the show, or that Zuko was taught a waterbending move... it's not that alone...It's the culmination of ALL these things, the focus that's put onto THESE TWO ELEMENTS out of all four that really make it stand out and MEAN something.

Fire and Water have proven to be the dynamic elements in the show, and Mike and Bryan themselves have said that Zuko and Katara have a very dynamic relationship. I don't believe this is a coincidence. Everything has happened for a reason in this show, and abstract things like the symbolism are a part of that.

This is how it connects. This is how it is Zutara.

And THIS, is how our symbolism is justified.
Alright, so there you have it. My Zutarian revelation.

I'm probably not as good an essay writer as some of my other Zutarian friends, but I just wanted to get this out. Because seriously, the ship-war is getting ridiculous, and I don't see why Zutarians have to be the targets of a lot of the heat and the butts of many of the condescending jokes.

In an animated show, things like symbolism and hints are equally important as things that actually trasnpire in the actual play of events. Symbolism is a tool used to help portray and hint at things to come, or to express underlying themes, or to strengthen what is already there.

We Zutarians are not idiots for believing in symbolism, nor should we be considered such for thinking that it could POSSIBLY be leading to something further down the road.

I hope this managed to clear up at least a little about WHY we ship what we do, and our reasons for doing it.

Avatar: The Last Airbender (c) Mike and Bryan and Nickelodeon
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SWT3794 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2012  Hobbyist
Heya! You know, I was inspired by this to make one of my own little debate essay (Kataang, but still). And I linked it back to you (Or rather this). If you don't mind reading it, I'd be glad. But if you don't see the point of it, fine then. But I'd really be honored if you read it... But great essay, overall. There were some little faults, but I pointed them out in a non-shipping way. But, yeah, pretty nice!
meandcartoon22 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2011  Student General Artist
I like zutara in my own wicked way, i know i used to hate i just dont know how to change my whatever its called. But personaly i dont really count colors as to reffer that its zutara connection, sure they both lost someone they deared very much, but sometimes having a lot in common doesnt always work. That is my way of seeing it.
the-rose-of-tralee Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2010
:clap: very nice
Harei-ruto Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
I nominate you the Vice Captain of Zutara! :salute: that was sheer golden whack in the face awesome!! XD
Elisha2Kings Featured By Owner May 31, 2008
I always thought that Aang was more "blue" than Katara because her "scent" which partially represented her aura was purple whereas his was blue. Eh maybe I'm reading too much into the whole color/symbolism of the series! Seriously though, i much prefer Zukaang (Zuaang? Zaang? Aanko?). Not because i'm serious pervert that needs to be put away for the sake of my mental health, but because there are so many great parallels between them (Monk Gyatso and Uncle Iroh as mentors that they depended upon and betrayed, the need to make up for a terrible mistake they made while younger, and the utter isolation that was caused by their mistakes) and they interact well both as friends and (potentially) more than friends. I mean, Zuko was chasing after Aang even after he had nothing to gain by doing so! :aww: Also, Zuko and Aang were intitally antagonists that fought for pretty much every other episode of Season 1, then underwent similar changes during Season 2, and during Season 3 they were on the same side, now playing the part of master/student to fulfill Roku and Sozin's place as bffl or more depending on your view. ;) At any rate, whatever floats your ship. I definitely know that Zuko and Aang are never going to get together in canon if the FCC has anything to say about it, but I'm mature enough to be content with fanon (and squealing loudly anytime they're together onscreen!:giggle:). See you at the finale!
InTheLightOfMoon Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
really kool I really like it :)
nabanean Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2008
Wow. Reading all these comments makes me realize that shippers ALL need to pull their heads out of their asses. "Oh, these Kataangers are so vile and narrow-minded to Zutarians" or "Zutarians want Aang to be unhappy because they're crazy and deluded, and there's nothing worse than a fictional character being unhappy" and a whole lot of other petty crap.
Drisela Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2008
Maybe Zutara is to happen, maybe not. I don't know.
I'm just waiting for the entire Avatar story to wash over me. :)
Then I'll probably go back and watch the whole thing over again for the hundredth time!

But if Zutara is to remain fanon, it still requires basis in canon.
So it's perfectly reasonable to build a mythology from which to grow fanon works.
Maybe Mike and Bryan aren't using all this symbolism to lead up to Zutara.
But we can, when we tell our stories and draw our pictures.

Nothing wrong with having a little hope.
I've never understood why people are so derisive towards it.
Personally I think it would make a beautiful love story.
Whether in canon or fanon, it will and has been told.

I'm keeping an open mind and heart. :)
KyokoMari Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Amen to that. ALL of that. :nod: :heart:

And I've never understood it either...I mean, other unlikely pairings have been shipped in the past, but it never got answered with such defensiveness as I've seen from some people. I just don't get it...
Drisela Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2008

I think part of why Zutara gets the negative attention it does is because some very zealous fans of it have over-argued or tried to convert people to it. Perhaps then 'we' as a fandom are all lumped together with them as "Zutarians" they who must be taken down.

Another part might be that, unlike other 'crack' ships Zutara actually has a chance. Albeit slim, but it exists. So, perhaps the Anti-Zutarans who attack us at every turn might feel threatened by it. I mean Jetko (Jet/Zuko) is crack, it has evidence, people support it, people illustrate it and write fiction about it. Yet they don't get the heat Zutara gets.

And perhaps, the biggest reason is that we are so very numerous, that by sheer volume anti-zutarans are over-whelmed. As if they believe if there are enough of us Mike and Bryan will change their story to appease us. When we know for a fact that would NEVER happen. Mike and Bryan have been developing their story for years, and no amount of fan manipulation real or imagined can change that. So maybe they get nervous when they see the large amount of Zutaran fanworks. :D

But really it seems like it's gotten to the point where you can't even express an idea without someone trying to disclaim it. People should be free to think and interpret things differently. Where would the human race be if every new idea or crazy concept were snuffed out before it had a chance?

I feel bad for people who are so sure they know how Avatar is going to end and exactly what the story is trying to tell us. I like being surprised along the way, I like not knowing. I'll save my interpretations for AFTER I have the complete story, In the meantime I'll enjoy the ride. :)

My but I'm chatty this morning. :laughing:
KarniMolly Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2008
Hm, I think I know the problem. I was never forced by anyone to be a whatever-shipper, I just like everything :) I like Zutara, and Kataang, but I won't call myself a "Zutarian" or "Kataangian", because I'm an "Avataraian" :XD:

But I think I understand what's the problem and why so many people don't like Zutara/Zutarians. Unlike Jetko-fans, some Zutarians are convinced that it is going to happen. And they are rubbing this in everyone's faces. And within their theories characters like Mai and Aang are not really judged fairly. I've heard the sentence "Zuko needs more than just Mai." very often. And it hurts me. Because I like every character in Avatar, thus I like Mai and Katara both very much and I don't understand why Mai is less "worthy" than Katara. Mai was a very caring girlfriend towards Zuko and to claim that she couldn't help him because she's too dim... hm.

The problem about some Zutarians is that they would like to see the whole show just revolving around Zuko and Katara. The other characters are nice and stuff, but not as good as Zuko and Katara. Katara needs more than JUST Aang. More than just a lovely, cute, caring, gentle and funny boy who would do everything for her. Who would even let go of her to save her. :o

And Zuko needs more than JUST Mai. More than just a girl who usually is afraid to show any emotions at all and who became a kind and caring girl when she was around Zuko.

ó___ò Try to read these essays from the few of a Kataangian/Maikoian.

The point is: The Zutarians already own the fandom. And that should do, don't you think? ;)
Do you really want to see how Aang's heart breaks? I mean, he would smile and tell Katara as long as she's happy, he's, too, but... Do you want to see how everything he has is taken away from him? I don't. And many Kataangians don't.
Spootay Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2008  Hobbyist
Oh! Oh! Was I the Kataanger? :XD:

But anyway, I just wanted to point out something you left out. The fact that the red and blue of the dragons Ran and Cha....represented Sozin and Roku and therefore...Zuko and Aang. Not Katara and Zuko. The yin yang being presented in the Firebending Masters was clearly between Aang and Zuko, and honestly shouldn't be taken as anything else since...this is not a shipping show. It's about AANG and to a lesser (but still awesome) extent, Zuko. The REAL yin and yang of the show has ALWAYS been Zuko and Aang. The way their paths are parallel. Their connected path that leads them to the same destiny. Their attitudes. Their struggles. Everything about Aang and Zuko is yin and yang, and it's fairly obvious. In fact, Mike and Bryan have brought it up in commentary that Aang and Zuko are like the yin and yang of each other. Opposite elements, do not a yin yang make.

Tui and La represented the ocean and...the MOON. Ran and Cha were both in fire. Not, one is fire and one is the sun. If that were the case, that argument might've made more sense to me, but it just falls flat. And again, since this isn't a shipping show, and that scene was clearly geared towards Aang and Zuko, I'm not following you there. It's interesting that both elements had their animals representing stuff, but honestly...since the last Avatar was fire, and the war was started by Sozin, who was best friends with the Avatar...and they had red and blue dragons...and it's been shown to represent the struggle between good and evil within Zuko....I think it's just coincidence. I mean, a lot of things are similar and have happened more than once in the show, and more often than not, it has nothing to do with shipping what-so-ever. And many of the characters have used each others moves, not just Zuko and Katara. Hell, even Zuko and Aang used the same move in the SAME episode.

Oma and Shu, again...Oma was wearing red. She was the girl. Shu was wearing blue. He was the guy. They were both EARTH BENDERS, and..they loved each other. They weren't the yin and yang you're trying to project on Katara and Zuko. (you can't have both. you can't say they're yin and yang and then compare them to somethng that isn't yin and yang and expect it to make sense) Oma and Shu had towns at war. Not their elements. And they were in love, Zuko and Katara aren't. And if anyone in the show has a forbidden love, it's Aang and Katara since....well that should be obvious. While, Zuko and Katara could just as easily get over their grudges, realize they're both cool and go off into the sunset, Aang and Katara would have to over come a lot of things, which the show has kinda...been foreshadowing that they will the entire saying.

But interesting essay! Was interesting to read. And I swear I'm not being sarcastic about it.
KarniMolly Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2008
You know what's the most interesting part about Oma and Shu which no one seems to recognize?
1. [link]
2. [link]
Look at Oma's clothes. They're not red anymore, they're yellow. And that's the colour of the air-nomads. When red and blue is Zutara, what is yellow and blue? *cough*

:D I don't think the colours say anything at all, but it's an interesting and funny thing to point out :nod:
Spootay Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2008  Hobbyist
I think everyone misses the point of this scene. It set the mood for Katara and Aang to kiss. That's it. The colors don't symbolize anything and as you pointed out, they even change colors in the story. If it WERE to symbolize Zutara somehow, Oma should be wearing blue and Shu should be wearing red, but since neither of these two lovers accurately describe EITHER ship, it wouldn't matter WHAT color either of them are wearing anyway. Blue = guy Red = girl. This isn't rocket science. The only other blue and red that symbolizes anything in the show was between Aang and Zuko/Roku and Sozin.

Everyone is missing the point of the show. Or at least the "love" aspect of the show. It's that Love pwns everything. That's it. Love occurs regardless of age, element, social background...whatever! Not because it's a STRUGGLE on the path to love, or because it's "forbidden". It just IS. And it conquers all. Oma and Shu was a separate love story, and it holds no basis to any couple and if it WERE to (I'm not saying it DOES), it would be Aang and Katara BECAUSE they have the most forbidden love. Zuko could be firelord and have whoever he wants. He wouldn't care what his nation or the world thought about it. It wouldn't make it easy on him, but then....when has his life ever been easy? They're certainly not going to stop the firelord from marrying whoever.

Aang on the other hand had his chakrah locked because of his attachment. HOWEVER, the entire fucking THEME of this show has been that love conquers all, and if love is real it finds a way, and you shape your own destiny and ON AND ON. It is PLASTERED in everyone's face. The theme that's been presented the ENTIRE time was not enemies turned lovers. It's enemies turned friends. This story is about Aang and Zuko's yin and yang of each other. Not how Zuko bagged Katara, or whatever. Though a MAJOR part of the storyline has been Aang's love for Katara and how it affects his ability to go into the Avatar state. I wouldn't be half surprised if he finds a way to activate it THROUGH Katara. Because he's never going to let go of his attachment to her. And Yangchen told him he must rely on his friends and blah blah blah....and Iroh was all "you were wise to chose love over power". I mean...seriously. This show has it's twists and all, but it isn't THAT hard to figure out.

People are trying to squeeze blood from a rock here to get evidence to support whatever it is they're shipping. Oma and Shu is the oldest excuse in the book as far as Avatar shipping goes and NO ONE seems to have it right. The only thing Oma and Shu led to shipping wise was getting Aang and Katara to kiss in a cave. How that equals Zutara somehow is BEYOND me. I don't see how the creators were trying to send the message of Zutara with Aang and Katara kissing, but...h'oooooookaaaaaaaay. Especially with KATARA being the one suggesting it. *bangs head on desk*
KarniMolly Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2008
Absolutely agreed! :nod:

And have you noticed the Oma-Shu-music-theme playing in the background EVERYTIME Aang and Katara share a close moment...? :o It wasn't playing when Katara examined Zuko's scar, was it?

The problem is that they find an excuse for absolutely everything. No matter what happens, it is in every case Zutara, even if it's so Kataang that it hurts. The Fortuneteller? Zutara. Cave Of Two Lovers? Zutara. Crossroads Of Destiny? Zutara. The Invasion? Zutara.

I mean, I like all the ideas, and like Drisela said, it's a wonderful background for FFs and FAs, but in the show, I just see nothing of it Ú___Ù
Spootay Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2008  Hobbyist
I wish people would just enjoy Zutara in fanon instead of looking for things in the show that aren't there. Pulling evidence from Oma-Shu when it's clearly Kataangy is just...sad to watch sometimes. And it's getting so old. And Crossroads was also Kataangy. Zutarians are clinging to how the commercial came off before it aired. It implied Zutara somehow (I don't really know, I wasn't in the fandom at the time, but I've heard as such). But they forget, Nick controls the commercials. Not the Avastaff. And the Nick staff knows who their watchers are. Thus, marketing TO them to get more viewers. And it's OBVIOUS. And when "the moment" aired, there was hot Zutara action, they again tried to morph it around to where they both fell in love somehow, in that moment. Or even...formed potential, when in fact, all that formed was just pity and semi-understanding, which Katara CONFIRMED was all that occured in WAT. Just because they could possibly not hate each other anymore doesn't mean they'll fall in love. They would have to be OPEN to that, and neither of them are. (When I first watched that scene, I was a Zutarian and I was SO LET DOWN...I was like "omg wtf? That's IT!? This SUCKS!")

Then they forget that Aang bursts through the wall and Katara's all, "ZOMG MY HERO". They only see what they want to see, and ignore everything else that's happening in the show. Any Kataang moment they undermine. Case in point, THE HEADBAND. It was so CLEAR and they make it seem un-important and not forshadowing to ANYTHING, and yet they'll take something so obscure and turn it into THE ULTIMATE IN PROOF!
KarniMolly Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2008
Imagine all these things which happened to Katara and Aang would have happened to Zuko and Katara.
Imagine Zuko and Katara would have been locked up in a cave where the only way of getting out is believing in love and stuff.
Or imagine Katara giving Zuko constantly hugs and kisses on the cheek, or Zuko and Katara would have danced. Or that Zuko kissed Katara and she'd have looked away. O____O°°°° It would be absolutely canon, without any doubt. But for Kataang, that doesn't do. ~___~

I've heard of this commercial-thing, too. Back then I sweared that I would never watch Avatar in Englih, so I 've never seen this trailer either. But from what I heard it really must have looked like Zutara is happening :XD: But on the other hand, there are Zutara commercials all the time. "The Beach" -trailer was directed towards the Zutarians, too ^^;
And yeah, Nick really knows who are the watchers and they certainly don't do that without any purpose :XD:

It's funny, we have other trailers here, and when it's about love, they always show Aang and Katara in that cave :o I think the German Nick doesn't even know about Zutara :XD:
Spootay Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2008  Hobbyist
Oh, completely agreed. If any of the Kataang moments were switched the Zutara ones we wouldn't be having this discussion. Of course, Zutarians might not exist then, because that would mean they were actually paying attention to stuff that was in front of their eyes. If all Kataang moments were Zutarian ones, it would only prove that they're only into this couple because of how hot they would be together. Not because of the great dynamics and chemistry they would have. That's already happening in Kataang. The only thing wrong with it is that it's Aang instead of Zuko.

Pardon my french, but Fuck. That.

German Nick doesn't know about Zutara because most of the world doesn't know about Zutara :XD: Be thankful
KarniMolly Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2008
I am! Like hell!
We have two people who are presenting specials while talking bullshit and stuff. Once Nick had an Avatar-special where they invited two kiddies to talk a little about the season two final. The main topic: Will Aang be able to love Katara again after he unlocked his seventh chakra?
I was like: OMG, hopefully no one mentiones Zutara now -.-°
One of the two kiddies was a boy who was so nervous that he just stuttered around, while the other one, the girl, emediatly began to explain how she thinks Avatar will go on.
And, surprise surprise, she concluded with: "And then, after Aang saved the world, he can love Katara again *BEAM*"
And the two presenters agreed o.o I think the German Nick would totally be taken by surprise if Zutara happened now, if you think of all the Kataang-trailers they made :XD:

All their cute fantasies about Katara ALWAYS saying the right thing when she's together with Zuko are hilarious! You remember Zuko asking Mai "If you could have everything in the world right now, what would you ask for?" or so, and she wanted a giant fruit-tard with rose-peddles on top (I think something like this would have been my choice, too :o ). The Zutarians were outraged about so much ignorance and stante pede they drew fanarts of Katara answering "I have everything I want right here." And called this true love. I mean, it's a cute idea and I like the fanarts in FANON, but
1. as if 14-years-old Katara woulkd say this, how do they want to know this again o.o
2. Zuko was joking, for God's sake! O_O Even if it's hard to believe, he is capable of make jokes (especially when he's around Mai ;) )
But if the wrong people are together they definitely are always saying the wrong things. But when Zuko and Katara are talking to each other, EVERYTHING is a loveproof. ú___ù
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KyokoMari Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
I'll give you that the dragons were not so much, if at all, to do with Zutara, and more to Aang and Zuko....Heck, I even brought it up in the essay that it was a minor detail/observation, if even that. Aang and Zuko do have dynamic roles and combinations together, and that is a yin yang point. Very much so. That's one of the points to the story.
And I'm aware that it's not a shipping show, but since this essay-thing was about the ship of Zutara, I was focusing on it. Yes, it is only a small portion of the show, a rather enjoyable one in my opinion, but the focus was put onto the ships in an analyzation of it. But I do understand that shipping isn't everything, nor does it take the entire meaning of the yin-yang, ran-cha, tui-la business. But I do think these connections could possibly have multiple meanings...

Sozin and Roku? Heck yes. If anything, I think the dragons could symbolize a few things. It all depends on how you look at it, really. Which aspect of the show you focus on. Like I mentioned in the essay, I saw the red dragon facing Aang as him facing the destruction side of fire and his fear of it; the blue facing Zuko as his need to confront his ancestors' mistakes as well as find a new source of firebending, facing the 'life' side of fire, the side that up until now he hasn't been aware of.

True, but Oma and Shu started out as strangers, they weren't always in love, either. No, Katara and Zuko aren't in love either, but that could change in the future. OmaShu may not be yinyang, but it's the elements of their story that we find comparable to Zutara. It doesn't necesarily have to be yin-yang-esque to be similar. Their nations/elements are at war, that's almost the same thing as having two villages at war with each other, just on a larger scale. Katara could get over her grudge, fall in love with Zuko, and he with her, but there would still be the stigma of what the Fire Nation's been doing for the last hundred years. It'd at least take a bit of time for both countries to, after the war is over, adjust, repair and rebuild and trust each other again. For one the Fire Nation would be confused at the sudden end of the war, and the Water tribe may still hold a little bit of a grudge and distrust against the Katara now does against Zuko. To say nothing about how their friends and families would react. I think they'd handle it better than the nations as a whole, but the nations would still need time before that relationship could be repaired before tossing in the fact that the S. Water tribe's Chief's daughter was in love with the newly crowned 16 year old Fire Lord and vice versa. It'd need time, understanding and healing before it could be widely and truly accepted, and that is why it is forbidden love.
Aang and Katara, though...I actually can't say that it's forbidden love, really. Yes, there's the whole love over power element, I admit that...But all Aang would really need to do in that situation is realize that, now is the time for saving the world, now is the time to unleash that cosmic energy by opening that last chakra. There will be time for love later. But he needs to get this done ASAP so the world can move on into a new chapter, and I think Katara knows this. And Katara is the one who's had hope for an end to the war, the one who's clung to the hope that the Avatar was alive when most the world had given up. She joined Aang because she's his friend AND because he's the world's last hope. If it came down to it, and even if she did return the romantic love for him, and she knew what Aang had to do to achieve control of the Avatar State, she'd encourage him to do it. She knows that the world comes before her. There's a time and a place for enerything, and now is the time for saving the world. Afterwards he can reunite with Katara.
But, if Katara and Aang were to decide that they shared mutual feelings for each other, it would probably be welcomed by everyone in the world. Hell, the world would probably drop what they were doing and throw them a huge wedding ceremony, were they of legal age to do so. It would be widely accepted, and on almost an instant basis. Whereas Zutara would need some time and healing for both the nation's involved, they couldn't just run off into the sunset together. There is the politics to consider.
So I guess what can be said is that they're both forbidden love, but in their own ways...

Well, I'm glad you found it interesting, and thanks for giving it some consideration! Really, I appreciate it.
MissBito Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2008
I think Zuko and Katara's relationship is an interesting one with or without any romance to it, and I agree that there is plenty of symbolism floating around for them. There's symbolism for everyone, but often people tend to act as if there is absolutely nothing between Zuko and Katara in their haste to argue that there is nothing romantic between them. That's part of the reason why I liked your essay - it focuses more on the contrast and ties between them than the 'ZOMG!! They LURVE EACH OTHER!!1!', which gets old even if you are inclined to think that way.
KyokoMari Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks, and I totally agree. Because, I mean...Zuko and Katara don't love each other(yet), which is probably why people get so up in arms when that type of thing is said...There does have to be a bit of logic behind relationships in animated shows, and Zutara is not an acception...Just others sometimes refuse to agree with what we point out as logic. Some people say that symbolism being all we got is not foundation enough and that we can't argue rationally for our ship...but really, I know some pretty rational Zutarians around here and another site I'm at. So I can't say that's a valid thing to say of us. We love our symbolism and the little things between Zuko and Katara, but there is a fair amount of rationality to us as well. ^^ Often more than we're given credit for.
AmiraElizabeth Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2008
Zutara is a reasonable concept and fans acknowledge that it is. The difference is though is that many fans like myself do not acknowledge it as particularly reasonable within the tale that we are being told and we often get annoyed by people who completely and totally misinterpret symbolism, who completely and totally ignore canon and current relationship, and who prefer instead to twist every single thing into a Zutara outcome.

Not necessarily saying that's the case here, but the dragons are more representative of the duality in Zuko, his relationship with his mom and his ancestry to Roku, and his relationship with Aang. While I can understand how red and blue is Zutara and such, I think it is stretching it heavily to say that the Firebending Dragons point to any sort of symbolism for the ship.
KyokoMari Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
We aren't ignoring the current relationship, really. We're just acknowledging that Katara's true feelings are not yet clarified, her reactions so far have been ambigous, at best. I personally can't even call Kataang 'canon' for that reason right there, at least not completely... Also the fact that 'current' relationships do not necesarily equal 'endgame' relationships.

Yeah, I knew that the whole dragon thing was a very minor detail if even that. It does count towards Zuko and likely Aang more than Zutara, and I acknowledged that in the essay... but I do think that the now obvious and pointed out similarity that fire has to water is a bit of a connection...
AmiraElizabeth Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2008
The current relationships based on the story and what we've been shown are far more plausible in that I cannot believe that 2.5 seasons of development would be wasted only to have Zuko (who has a plausible love interest) take away the one person Aang truly loves. The one issue that I have with Zutara symbolism is that it is very open to interpretation and in fact unless you are actively looking for it or someone points it out it doesn't readily occur to people.

I didn't even think Zutara with the dragons. I thought of Aang and Zuko. I thought of Roku. I thought of Azula and Zuko's dream. Zuko and Katara never figured into it.

I guess unless Mike and Bryan come out and state that they actively and intentionally planned for Zutara symbolism, I'll continue to attribute it to fan interpretations more than what is actually in the story.
MissBito Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2008
I think Zutara is a very reasonable concept, and I often get annoyed with other fans for treating it like it isn't - not that I'm a die-hard Zutarian, but the idea has alot of merit. After all, at the core of it the show is about harmony, and even more than Aang's quest, it's the quest of a world to find balance within itself. Zuko and Katara are an important part of that, both in how they interact with Aang, and in how they interact with each other.
swan-swan Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2008
The primary problem here is that both times that Yin and Yang have come up, they've centered on the actual yin and yang figures of the show--Aang and Zuko. Good and evil, hero and villain, blue arrows and red scar, first in the alphabetical order of characters and last in the alphabetical order of characters. And that's what has been focused on throughout the show, and revealed in this season. Aang and Zuko are opposites, but they balance one another. It's not romantic, it's more than that. It's epic.

The symbolism has some weight, but if all of the most powerful moments of symbolism in the show pointed to Zutara, it would be fairly lame. It would strip too much of the actual plot.

I'm not saying that symbolism has no weight, but sometimes things are taken to mean too much that is incorrect.

No one ever mentions Feng Shui, either. If you want to pursue the outside-of-canon-sources-that-still relate:


"Feng Shui is a term composed of two Chinese words: feng (wind) and shui (water). Wind and water are the two natural elements that flow, move, and circulate everyhwere on Earth. They are also the most basic elements required for human survival. Wind--or air--is the breath of life; without it, we die in moments. And water is the liquid of life; without it, we die in days. The combined qualities of wind and water determine the climate, which historically has determined our food supply and in turn affects our lifestyle, health, energy, and mood. These two fundamental and flowing elements have always profoundly yet subtle influenced human individuals and societies.
The essence of these life-giving elements is chi, or life force. Wind and water are direct carriers of chi, as their flowing quality reflects their essential nature. All living organisms are largely composed of these two elements. Thus, Feng Shui is the art of designing environments in harmony with the flow of chi through one's living space, and this flow supports and enhances one's personal chi or life force."


--Feng Shui for Dummies

It seems to me that they would have based Katara and Aang's relationship on this, and of them existing in harmony with one another. Yin and Yang is more pertinent to Aang and Zuko's story.

You make some excellent points, and I commend you for that. The destruction and energy aspects of the dragon are excellent means of interpreting it. But to take the clear symbolism that was given and try using it to symbolize something else; I don't think Mike and Bryan's minds work that way. I think symbolism pertains to the actual plot, and the romantic imagery relates to the shipping.
DeathKnightCommander Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You can't live on symbolism forever, you know. There are other things that has been stated as Zutara-evidence and they were also symbols, like this one. If this really was real, how come the others are also real? You usually have a symbol that would be explained in an episode, though, so far, none of the symbols, I have heard of, have had that kind of explanation. Coincidence? I don't think so.

A symbol always has to be explained in the show and not outside it. You have to see the explanation before saying that it is a symbol. That's how it works. It isn't the shippers who decide this, but the creators and they do so by adding the explanation in an episode. Your evidence isn't helped by the actual show, since everything, which has happened so far, hasn't showed anything that would support it fully.

The essay of yours is only made with fancy words and anyone with a intellect would know how to write like this. That's what makes the essay "convincing" for others, though, the explanation is not the only one to the actual event, so you can't say that this is true facts. Nothing in the essay is completely real and that makes it pointless. Don't try to give false hopes until this is actually proved by the show.
KyokoMari Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, we've lived on symbolism for the entire series up until now, so I don't think it should be too much of a problem. XD But seriously, if anything is to happen with Zutara, it hasn't happened yet and we know it...but it will, if it's going to happen. What happens in the next few episodes will determine what will happen with their relationship, if it will end up as friendship or something more.

And there is still time for that, for our ideas of symbolism to be proven right or wrong in this way. No, it doesn't make it true, and it is not the Zutarians who decide it. I never said this. But it's just how we interpert things. Interpertations vary from person to person, and I'm just saying that I noticed this pattern, but this pattern will be proved or disproved when the show continues and then ends. I know Zutara is the unlikely pairing of the show, and we don't have anything but the symbolism that we find and interpert. It isn't fully supported. We've known that from the beginning. We're just saying, that it could be there, only in an abstract form. Whether we turn out to be right or wrong remains to be seen.

No, it isn't the only explanation to events. And I stated throroughly that I didn't claim this as fact. I was only presenting it as an idea, a theory, just a pattern that I noticed when it came to the things us Zutarians use as symbolism. I said that I didn't claim it as truth to the show. I'm just saying that there seems to be a lot of relationships between water and Fire, and even Katara and Zuko. The actual individual symbolisms are not what prove anything, it's, as I said, the dominance of the similarities that could possibly be leading to something.

You make some good points about symbolism, but I don't see anything wrong with expressing my ideas to my friends in the meantime before the show ends. Others have been expressing their ideas, and now I've expressed some of mine. That's part of the fun of this show, making speculations on what's in store. It's not false hope, it's expressing an idea that could be proven, or fairly, disproven.
DeathKnightCommander Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
One thing that you have forgotten is that symbolism isn't justified just because someone can "see" it. The evidence always has to be strenghten by the story line, otherwise, it is not evidence. Interpretations are supposed to be based on how the writers have put up the story line and not on your own interpretations. There is a very easy way to actually see what the show contains, which is the writers' view, and that is watching the first episodes. They contain the building-blocks that the story contains. There, all the things, that is real in the show, exists. The big difference between KatAang and Zutara is that the first mentioned is supported by these blocks. Your interpretation doesn't fit the story line and by so, it isn't a justified interpretation. There can only be a few building-blocks in a story that have a major role in it all. None of the major ones support your Zutara idea and by so, not your interpretations either. As I said before, it's the writers ideas of how things are that you have to figure out and that isn't hard, if you do as I said. You don't need to interpret all the things which haven't got a good explanation in the story, so by making essays like these are pointless. When you finally have found the building-blocks, you don't need an own interpretation from yourself. It's totally unnecessary.

My symbolism theory has nothing to do with you stopping doing essays, but when using it, it shows what actually is a true symbol or not. I know what a symbol is supposed to be like and this is definitely not proof of Zutara's existence. Nothing supports it except your own words and that isn't something to rely on.

One thing that makes your reply not that good is that you haven't contradicted the theory. With this post, I have added more that strenghten it. Maybe you aren't capable to do contradict the theory, or is it because I am actually right? I guess on the last thing, since it's hard to argue with something like this.

By writing like you did to me, you also contradicted yourself. You said that it wasn't Zutarians who decided what was evidence, still, you said that your interpretations was your way to see the show. Those two sentences aren't supposed to be with each other, because they are technically opposites. Your interpretations are influenced by your Zutara beliefs and by so, it can change the actual view of what the story really is about. Even if your ideas have a deep, it isn't a part of the actual story, I said claimed before. Your theories aren't supported of what has actually happened and then it doesn't matter how much "evidence" you put up. There are only one way to interpret this and that is by finding the building-blocks. That's the writers' view and the only true facts, since there are no other views to look for.
KyokoMari Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Just because the symbolism we follow haven't been the show does not mean we can't speculate. That is all I am doing with this theory. I don't know what Mike and Bryan have in store for the rest of the series, I don't know what goes on in their heads and their reason for things, and they do have the habit of surprising us. I said that if what I've said in this, if these symbolisms are to turn out to be true, it's going to happen in the future of the show. Not saying it will happen, I'm merely presenting the possibility of it. And it isn't just symbolism I'm talking about, either. It's also to do with the similarities between Katara and Zuko that are yin/yang-esque.

Building blocks? From Episode one? I personally don't think that it was decided from episode one. Just because Zutara wasn't included in these building blocks doesn't mean it is impossible. Avatar is known for being an unpredictable show with many twists and turns. To say that it was decided from the very beginning would make it too predictable, and it wouldn't have the wow-factor or the shock-factor or the wide, demographic-defying fanbase that it does. People wouldn't stay on the story for 60 episodes if everything was guaranteed from the first episode.

Besides, things now in the show are a lot different than they were, there have been many things that we never saw coming from watching the first episodes, and the characters have progressed amazingly. Zuko is like a completely different person and he is with the Gaang. And yet, Kataang in the show still seems like it hasn't developed as much as it could. It's still looking pretty one-sided. There is the oppurtunity for Zutara to develop. I'm looking forward to seeing if it does end up happening. My interpertation may not fit the storyline...yet, but there is still an oppurtunity, like I said.

Those two sentences are not exactly opposites. We may interpert things differently, we may see the show differently. That is perfectly true, because everyone has their own view of things, that includes what goes on in a TV show. That doesn't make it so, and we can't decide it as evidence, and I never said that we could. Just because we see it differently doesn't mean we're forcing it on people or advertising it as fact. We have our right to see things and different possibilities as much as anyone else.

I may be Zutara-biased, but that's not the only reason I watch this show. It's because it's a great show and a great piece of storytelling, and I do know what the story is about, I know what's going on. I will keep watching until the end, be it an end in Kataang or Zutara. And I will keep speculating, whether Zutara will continue to have a potential remains to be seen, however I'm still keeping my hopes up.

And I'll say it again. I went into this, disclaiming that this was anything factual. I never claimed it to be actual ' proof' or 'evidence', I was offering a new view on the things that Zutarians are rumored to use as such, and I was offering it as a theory. And I was also not starting this to TRY and argue or prove anyone wrong, I was only trying to offer some sort of defense for my ship. I said all this in the intro of the theory.

This theory may not have been proven in the show YET but there is still sufficient time left in the series. Again, like Zutara, I'm not saying that it WILL happen, I'm just thinking about the possibility.
DeathKnightCommander Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Didn't you listen? The first episodes, I said, not the first one. Do you even know what building-blocks are? I can see that you don't, by how you respond. Those kind of blocks can be anything and they are the key to understand the whole show. From there, they can develop it and make it grow and they have kept to that path the entire time. Every single story has it. "Romeo and Juliet", "Star Wars", "The Lord of the Rings". Those blocks are the whole purpose of a story line and make it to what it is. They don't go around them and start change everything. Just because you know the building-blocks, it doesn't make it too predictable, though, a story is always predictable, even if you are going to start prove that it isn't. The purpose with a story is how it reaches the goal and with the blocks, you can follow the red-thread through it all. That's what makes the stoy interesting, so by saying that they put up unpredictable things is pretty stupid. The goal of the story isn't Zutara and by that, it's not real and not the theories either. It has to get support by the story line, otherwise, it's doomed to fail. You haven't even succeeded to penetrate this idea of the story and that's because my thoughts are the same as it. You said that my theories haven't been disproved yet and that's because it hasn't and it never will. The most unpredictablt thing you can do now is to add Zutara to the story and that is not how a writer aim. There must always be backed-up and have a reasonable explanation. That shipping doesn't have anything of that and by so, it has never existed. Zutara is something made up by the shippers with all the crazy theories and it isn't worth to defend, even if you just say that you don't. Keep yourself to the fanon instead of coming up with theories that would inflict what's really canon. This is pure conspiracy and nothing else.

You are even avoiding the actual problem with your replies and doesn't go straight forward. I have talked about exactly the same thing all the time, while you are going forward on things like me saying "evidence", ect, ect. That isn't the problem with this conversation, so don't go around it. Don't try to manipulate anything, since it's only making you a fool, in my eyes. I can see where this is going so this will be my last reply. This isn't even a good speculation and it only ruins the story. This will never become a true theory, so it isn't even worth talking about. Good job for trying, but you haven't gained anything by your replies. You haven't disproved me and you have definitely not shown that this is justified. That's all from me.
KyokoMari Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
I know what building blocks are. They lay down the plot and the idea for the story. But I don't think that just because Zutara wasn't included in these building blocks, that makes it impossible. Zutara isn't the goal of the show? No, it isn't, and I never said it was, nor have the Zutarians I know. But to be fair, Kataang isn't the goal of the story either. The goal of the story, and how it is going to end, is Aang becoming a fully realized Avatar, defeating the Fire Lord, and ending the war.

We still have 8 episodes of storyline to go, too. I know it's not a lot to work with, but its more of a chance than Zutarians have hoped for for a while.

And it would need a reasonable explanation to actually be able to go forward? I'm gonna share another theory with you, shoot it down all you want, it probably won't change my opinion...But remember the Guru, and the fact that Aang said his seventh Chakra was locked from the CoD incident. Remember that he SPECIFICALLY says this. It shows that it's going to come in later and he's going to have to unlock that Chakra. How can he do that? Let Katara go, like the Guru said. The Guru and Aang said what they said for a reason. One POSSIBILITY could be that Zutara begins, and starts a love triangle concept. Even the Avatar Magazine alluded to this. Anyway, that progresses, but Aang realizes that he needs the Avatar State, and that he loves Katara enough to just want to see her happy. He's not selfish, and they would still be friends afterwards. It may create some tension between him and Zuko too, but that can be resolved seeing as they're also friends and Zuko probably won't go too far with anything after he finds out about Aangs true feelings anyway. It could be what finally gives Aang the final boost to give her up and master the Avatar State and become a fully realized Avatar, which is one of the goals of the story.
Just an idea, a theory, not saying it's going to happen. But you wanted a reason for Zutara, and I gave a possibility.

And like I said, I didn't start this to win an argument. I've given my thoughts on symbolism, and why it hasn't been proven thus far in the show. There is still the possibility, and that is all I'm saying. But saying my ship isn't worth defending is a little rude. I never attacked the other ships. Zutara may be fan-made, but there also might be a reason as to why it has the biggest fanbase compared to Kataang. And who says we can't desire our ship to become canon like everyone else can? We have stuck to fanon since the beginning, but even we have the right to want it to become canon, and you know what, theorizing and speculating, be it accurate or not, comes with that territory.

All I am saying in this is that I have the right to theorize. I've now given my opinion on how Zutara could POSSIBLY come to be supported in the storyline in the future of the show, and I've said over and over that I never claimed any of this as canon or fact. I'm not hurting the show or the other ships by making guesses and expressing an idea, and I am not trying to manipulate things, so I don't know what more you want from me.

And That's all from me.
Drisela Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2008
You have infinite patience. :)
KyokoMari Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Heheh, thanks! :)
RainBowAvatar Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2008
Wow... this is really amazingly written- powerful and thought-provoking! :)
KyokoMari Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Seriously? Thanks! :aww:
avatarfreak2 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2008
PS I went on a translator and Ran and Cha didn't come up. :shrug:


I realized how similar the chinese symbols for water and fire are.
KyokoMari Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, really? I'll have to go look up those Kanji or something ^^
avatarfreak2 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2008
:w00t: awesome essay!!!! makes complete and unbiased sense!!!

Do you think the names Ran and Cha mean anything? In Chinese?
Shinichigo Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2008
I think it's Ran and Sha

Ran = Burn
Sha = Too many deifinitions too be sure without a spelling

Ran = War/Disturbance
Sha = Persona/Friends

I'd go with the Jap on this... but, then again not. Not many words and names have an actual meaning in the Avatarverse (unless spelled)
KyokoMari Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
I dunno...I'm not even sure if that's how they're spelt, either, so...

And thank you! Zutara makes perfect sense to me! :w00t:
avatarfreak2 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2008
yeah, I couldn't figure that out either...

Zutara forever! :woot:
zutaraxmylove Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2008  Student Filmographer
well said! i DO agree and now that i think about it, there actually arent much air/earth symbolism, where as fire/ makes so much sense. also another thing to include is that (what u said about the intolerance of ships with other ships) shippers should just support their ship and NOT start war with other ships. wasnt shipping something to have hope for in a show? not a war? it seems quite ironic how the show has an ending war and in the real world, the war between ships is heating up...

Ivilith Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2008
I'll give you my most sincere opinion.

Generalizing is to be always mistaken...

This goes for you "zutarians", "katangers" and any other people in the world...

I hate shipping wars but not because of the bashing or the never-ending debate (wich is also bad....), I hate this "wars" because you guys aren't really fighting for anything, NO ONE is gonna "win" this is a story that was in the mind of someone for YEARS before it was made, the ending of this story is already decided by whoever thought of it first, even if we haven't still seen it, the story has a definitive ending that will please some and will not to others. I hate seeing people fighting over shipping because most of them are girls and being a woman myself make me feel sick seeing such degrading acts coming just to "fight" to "defend" their ship

Avatar isn't a story about romance, it's a story about Love, but not only the love of couples, love and appreciation for friendship, for humanity, for doing what's right, that's what has made it such a great show...
I think that us as fans of the show should respect the characters on this story, playing to "who ends up with who" is like playing with dolls...

Analyzing and over analyzing the symbolism on it for the sake of a couple? please! why don't people analyze it to know more about the culture the show is trying to pass?, why they don't read between lines to get the real essence of the episode?

It isn't my intention to bash, I respect your point of view, but I think that every "shipper" out there, for this and any other story spuld seriously stop and think... "what am I doing? how is this "couple" gonna make me a better person if it happens? what I'm gonna learn from it?"


I'm not a "shipper" and I usually don't give my opinion when it comes to shipping essays but this one isn't stupid as most than I have read...^^; Sorry if I said anything harsh, it wasn't my intention to hurt no one's feelings :)
Simatra Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2008  Professional Filmographer
Very good, I'm glad you wrote this more offically. I'm sick and tired of hearing our symbolism means nothing. Zuko and Katara have a very dynamic relationship, as you said. Some Kataangers refuse to even believe Zutara has a chance of happening. If that were so, why would Mike and Bryan say things about their relationship, show the smybolism in the show, and why would they say "It will either be Zutara or Kataang" if Zutara hasn't got a chance? That would just be cruel...
Also, many say, it's way too late in the show for it too happen. O_o Uh, hello? If Azula and Raa Jeong (or however you spell his name?:?) can go from Strangers, to Lovers, back to Strangers again all in one episode, don't you think Zutara could happen in the remaining time left? And my guess is that this won't be resolved until the season final. Many theories have proven this and I have my own thoughts on this matter to say it to be true.
Another thing that really gets me is when people say, "Oh, but Aang would be so crushed if Katara didn't like him!" Well, I hate to put it this way but, that's life...if people had to like each other because someone liked them, life would be miserable. And Mike and Bryan said themselves they like to treat their charactor's as real as possible. Another thing I hear argued with this is "Why would a kids show go into 'emotional, loving, pain'?" Well, if you'v been watching the show at all you would know it already has...Numerous times! And what about the Avatar State? Aang's first job is to save the world, and I don't think Katara would honestly be very happy if she found out that Aang risked the sake of the world because of her.
This is a kids show, but also more than that. You have to look deeper to get the full meaning of it...

Okay, I'm going to stop there.^^; couldn't help myself! I really would like to do a Zutara essay, because every time I read one I always have thoughts to spill out. Great job! I really loved it!
wrensharpbeak Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2008   Interface Designer
First off, let me say that i am NOT a shipper in any way, shape, form or fashion. I don't care who ends up with whom in the show; it's just not important to me.

However, having said that, i have to admit that i have noticed a LOT of possible symbolism in the show that may indeed foreshadow a relationship between Zuko and Katara. And as you said, while one or two instances can easily be dismissed, the overwhelming abundance of similarities and correlations between and concerning the two make it very hard to ignore.

So if Zuko and Katara DO wind up together in the show, i wouldn't be the least bit surprised. That's not to say i EXPECT it to happen, but if it does, then many of the oddities i've noticed in the art and writing of the series will finally make sense.

And i do like it when things make sense...
Dredsina Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2008
Lovely essay!
I've already decided, however, that I'm going to keep out of any shipping debates in the future because it generates nothing but bad.
No one ever changes their mind; people get their feelings hurt, etc.
I've written countless essays about why Zutara is SO RIGHT... but for naught!
I don't think I've been able to open anyone's mind.
I'm just holding out until the show ends -- I don't need my theories to be proven to anyone but myself.
Like Bumi once said, "You gotta open your mind to the possibilities~!"
Oh, and... YAY, ZUTARA!
swan-swan Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2008
Wow. I think you're the first Zutarian to use Bumi's quote, and believe me, I've been looking for that for a long, long time.

[sheepish grin]

I've managed to convince Maiko to some people....and also managed to make others willing to accept it.

That's the goal that someone should always aim for in a shipping debate, not to change their mind, but to make it responsive to change. Keep an open mind and an open heart.
Rowensweet1590 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2008  Student Artisan Crafter
thanks you give me more hope for the ship
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